"From Missouri (USA), an area of great plains. … Blues'n'roll from hearth, burned by the merciless sun. Guitar, drums, two vocals … Listen to these voices and riffs. It's not really possible. - "If I die on the side of the road - it's alright"!" - ANTYPORTAL (Poland) 2019

“Beacons of the St. Louis music community” - I Went To A Show (St. Louis, MO) 2016

“Unapologetically Midwestern and no strangers to the struggle” I Went To A Show (St. Louis, MO) 2017

"The Maness Brothers straight-up expand the STL music community” - Eleven Music Magazine, Evan Sult {Harvey Danger, Sleepy Kitty} (St. Louis, MO) 2016

“What The Maness Brothers are doing in St. Louis is purposefully creating these stages,
these platforms, for artistic collaboration” - St. Louis Public Radio (St. Louis, MO) 2016

“Brothers Jake and David Maness have helped build a community in the greater St. Louis area” - River Front Times (St. Louis, MO) 2014

“Undeniable talent and honesty to the music they play” - The Paducah Sun (Paducah, KY) 2015

“Slinging mud-crusted garage and blues out of St. Louis” - Creative Loafing (Tampa Bay, FL) 2015

“The brothers' tight-knit nature is definitely audible. Fiery riffs stick to solid rock drumming while the occasional harmonica buzzes about. Howling lyrics tell tales of being taken for granted while aggression leaks out from behind gritted teeth.” - River Front Times (St. Louis, MO) 2014

“The Maness Brothers, a gritty, bluesy, stoner rock and roll band.” - Smile Politely (Champaign/Urbana, IL) 2015

“Their band's name, the Maness Brothers, mirrors the pair's approach to music: honest and simple.” River Front Times (St. Louis, MO) 2015

“You don’t have to be sitting in a pew on Easter Sunday to get a taste of the good word” - 2017

“With a true American work ethic, The Maness Brothers are on their way to the top.” ByJack (St. Louis, MO) 2017

“Intensified hill country blues, employing circular, hypnotic riffs with more than a little grit and gristle” - River Front Times (St. Louis, MO) 2017